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A field-effect approach to directly profiling the localized states in monolayer MoS2

Hao Wu, Yuan Liu, Zeyu Deng, Hung-Chieh Cheng, Dehui Li, Jian Guo, Qiyuan He, Sen Yang, Mengning Ding, Yun-Chiao Huang, Chen Wang, Yu Huang, Xiangfeng Duan

Sci. Bull. (2019)

A fundamental understanding of the charge transport mechanism in two-dimensional semiconductors (e.g., MoS2) is crucial for fully exploring their potential in electronic and optoelectronic devices. By using monolayer graphene as the barrier-free contact to MoS2, we show that the field-modulated conductivity can be used to probe the electronic structure of the localized states. A series of regularly distributed plateaus were observed in the gate-dependent transfer curves. Calculations based on the variable-range hopping theory indicate that such plateaus can be attributed to the discrete localized states near mobility edge. This method provides an effective approach to directly profiling the localized states in conduction channel with an ultrahigh resolution up to 1 meV.
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