Duan Research Group

Hetero-integrated Nanostructures and Nanodevices


Visiting Scholar

  • Master degree of science, Electrical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 2015

    Second-year Ph.D candidate, Electrical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University

    Research Interests: Pressure sensors; Energy storage in nano-dielectrics


  • Ph.D. in Electronic science and technology, Nanjing University, 2015

    Research Interests: Organic electronics, Organic-inorganic hybrid heterojunction, Nanoelectronics
  • Post-doctoral in Peking University and Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2016

    Ph.D. in Chemistry, Peking University, 2014

    B.S. in Chemistry, Shandong University, 2009 

    Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, Molecular electronics, Photo-electronics.
  • Ph.D. in Physical Electronics, Peking University, 2018, Advisor: Prof. Lian-Mao Peng

    Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, Optoelectronics, Plasmonics, Flexible electronics, and Integrated circuits.
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, Hunan University, 2016

    Research Interests: Energy storage device and gas sensor
  • Ph.D. in Condensed matter physics, Institute of physics, Chinese academy of sciences, 2016

    Research Interests: Nanoscale science and technologies
  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin, 2017

    Research Interests: 3D holey graphene framework for electrical energy storage
  • Ph.D in Physical Chemistry, Peking University, 2018

    Research Interests: Research Interests: Modification of low dimensional materials, flexible electronic devices
  • B.S. degree, Nankai University (2012)

    Ph.D. degree, Peking University (2017)

    Research Interests: Building Two-dimensional Superlattice via Intercalation Strategy and Its Application in Nanodevices


  • Bachelors of Science in Chemistry, Towson University, 2015

    Research Interests: Materials chemistry focused on energy storage---lithium sulfur batteries as well as covalent organic frameworks for super capacitors.
  • B.S., Jilin University, 2016.

    Research Interests: Neural voltage sensor nanoparticles.
  • B.S., Peking University, 2017

    Research Interests: Electrocatalysis & Nanomaterials.
  •  B.S., Peking University, 2015;

     M.S., UCSD, 2016. 

    Research Interests: Photoelectrochemical cell and photocatalysis
  • M.S. in EECS; Peking University, 2014

    B.S. in EECS; Peking University, 2011

    Research Interests: Characterizing new 2D materials and their field effect transistor; 2D heterostructure, tunneling transistor and optoelectronics.
  • B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, National Chung Hsing University, 2008

    M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, University of Southern California, 2011

    M.S. in Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, 2013

    Research Interests: Electronic skin applications/pressure sensors
  • B. S. in Chemistry, University of science and technology of China(USTC), 2014

    Research Interests: Electronic devices for in-situ probing electrode-electrolyte interface.
  • B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, 2013.

    Research Interests: Electronic and optoelectronic devices based on 2D materials.
  • B.S. degree, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) (2011)

    M.S. degree, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (2012)

    Ph.D. degree, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) (2016)

    Research Interests: Solution processable electronic devices for low-cost, large-area and flexible applications
  • B. S. in chemistry, Peking University, 2017

    Research Interests: Lithium ion battery
  • B.S Chemistry, UC Santa Cruz, 2016

    Research Interests: Colloidal 2D nanomaterial for electronic application.
  • Bachelor of Science, Nanjing University, 2015

    Research Interests: Shape controlled synthesis of PtM nanostructure for electrochemical catalysis and energy storage; Graphene based single atom metal catalysts for water splitting and ammonia synthesis.
  • B.S., Department of Material Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2014;

    M.S., Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA, 2015.

    Research Interests: Growth and electroptical properties of all-inorganic metal halide perovskites
  • B. S. in Chemistry, Peking University, 2016

    Research Interests: Nanoelectronics, FET based on 2D materials
  • M.S. in Engineering Management at Johns Hopkins Unviversity, 2010

    B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering at Columiba University, 2009

    Research Interests: Graphene electronics, strain engineering of graphene.
  • B.A., UCSB, 2016

    Research Interests: Inorganic material catalysis, catalyst synthesis and electrochemistry.
  • B.S. CCME, Peking University, 2016

    Research Interests: In situ monitoring of electrochemical surface.
  • B.S Chemistry, UC Berkeley, 2016 

    Research Interests: Nanomaterials & Solid State Electrolytes for energy application.
UCLA, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
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