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General low-temperature growth of two-dimensional nanosheets from layered and nonlayered materials

Biao Qin, Muhammad Zeeshan Saeed, Qiuqiu Li, Manli Zhu, Ya Feng, Ziqi Zhou, Jingzhi Fang, Mongur Hossain, Zucheng Zhang, Yucheng Zhou, Ying Huangfu, Rong Song, Jingmei Tang, Bailing Li, Jialing Liu, Di Wang, Kun He, Hongmei Zhang, Ruixia Wu, Bei Zhao, Jia Li, Lei Liao, Zhongming Wei, Bo Li, Xiangfeng Duan, Xidong Duan

Nature Communications (2023)

Most of the current methods for the synthesis of two-dimensional materials (2DMs) require temperatures not compatible with traditional back-end-of-line (BEOL) processes in semiconductor industry (450 °C). Here, we report a general BiOCl-assisted chemical vapor deposition (CVD) approach for the low-temperature synthesis of 27 ultrathin 2DMs. In particular, by mixing BiOCl with selected metal powders to produce volatile intermediates, we show that ultrathin 2DMs can be produced at 280–500 °C, which are ~200–300 °C lower than the temperatures required for salt-assisted CVD processes. In-depth characterizations and theoretical calculations reveal the low-temperature processes promoting 2D growth and the oxygen-inhibited synthetic mechanism ensuring the formation of ultrathin nonlayered 2DMs. We demonstrate that the resulting 2DMs exhibit electrical, magnetic and optoelectronic properties comparable to those of 2DMs grown at much higher temperatures. The general low-temperature preparation of ultrathin 2DMs defines a rich material platform for exploring exotic physics and facile BEOL integration in semiconductor industry.
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