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Self-trapped state enabled filterless narrowband photodetections in 2D layered perovskite single crystals

Junze Li, Jun Wang, Jiaqi Ma, Hongzhi Shen, Lu Li, Xiangfeng Duan, Dehui Li

Nature Commun. 10, 806 (2019)

Filterless narrowband photodetectors can realize color discrimination without filter or bulk spectrometer, thus greatly reducing the system volume and cost for many imaging applications. Charge collection narrowing has been demonstrated to be a successful approach to achieve filterless narrowband photodetections; nevertheless, it sacrifices the sensitivity of the photodetectors. Here we show a highly tunable narrowband photodetector based on two-dimensional perovskite single crystals with high external quantum efficiency (200%), ultralow dark current (10−12 A), and high on–off ratio (103). The spectral response of the narrowband photodetectors can be continuously tuned from red to blue with all full-width at half-maximum < 60 nm and especially < 20 nm in blue wavelength range. The excellent performance can be ascribed to self-trapped states within bandgap and extremely low electrical conductivity in the out-of-plane direction. Our findings open the exciting potential of 2D perovskites for next-generation optoelectronics.
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