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Single-layer graphene on Al2O3/Si substrate: better contrast and higher performance of graphene transistors

L. Liao, J. Bai, Y. Qu, Y. Huang and X. Duan

Nanotechnology 21, 015705 (2010)

The fact that single-layer graphene can be visualized on 300 nm SiO2/Si substrate using an optical microscope has enabled the facile fabrication of single-layer graphene devices for fundamental studies and potential applications. Here we report on an Al2O3/Si substrate for the fabrication of graphene devices with better contrast and higher performance. Our studies show that the contrast of single-layer graphene on 72 nm Al2O3/Si substrate is much better than that of single-layer graphene on 300 nm SiO2/Si substrate. Moreover, the transconductance of single-layer graphene transistors on Al2O3/Si substrate shows a more than sevenfold increase, due to the smaller dielectric thickness and higher dielectric constant in a 72 nm Al2O3 film. These studies demonstrate a new and superior substrate for the fabrication of graphene transistors, and are of significance for both fundamental studies and technological applications.
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