Duan Research Group

Hetero-integrated Nanostructures and Nanodevices


Porous silicon nanowires

Y. Qu, H. Zhou and X. Duan

Nanoscale 3, 4060-4068 (2011)

In this mini-review, we summarize recent progress in the synthesis, properties and applications of a new type of one-dimensional nanostructures—single crystalline porous silicon nanowires. The growth of porous silicon nanowires starting from both p- and n-type Si wafers with a variety of dopant concentrations can be achieved through either one-step or two-step reactions. The mechanistic studies indicate the dopant concentration of Si wafers, oxidizer concentration, etching time and temperature can affect the morphology of the as-etched silicon nanowires. The porous silicon nanowires are both optically and electronically active and have been explored for potential applications in diverse areas including photocatalysis, lithium ion batteries, gas sensors and drug delivery.
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