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Synthesis of surface controlled nickel/palladium hydride nanodendrites with high performance in benzyl alcohol oxidation

Zipeng Zhao, Michelle M. Flores Espinosa, Jihan Zhou, Wang Xue, Xiangfeng Duan, Jianwei Miao, Yu Huang,

Nano Res. 12, 1467-1472 (2019)

Benzaldehyde byproduct is an imperative intermediate in the production of fine chemicals and additives. Tuning selectivity to benzaldehyde is therefore critical in alcohol oxidation reactions at the industrial level. Herein, we report a simple but innovative method for the synthesis of palladium hydride and nickel palladium hydride nanodendrites with controllable morphology, high stability, and excellent catalytic activity. The synthesized dendrites can maintain the palladium hydride phase even after their use in the chosen catalytic reaction. Remarkably, the high surface area morphology and unique interaction between nickel-rich surface and palladium hydride (β-phase) of these nanodendrites are translated in an enhanced catalytic activity for benzyl alcohol oxidation reaction. Our Ni/PdH0.43 nanodendrites demonstrated a high selectivity towards benzaldehyde of about 92.0% with a conversion rate of 95.4%, showing higher catalytic selectivity than their PdH0.43 counterparts and commercial Pd/C. The present study opens the door for further exploration of metal/metal-hydride nanostructures as next-generation catalytic materials.
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