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Periodic Assembly of Diblock Pt–Au Heteronanowires for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction

Yang Liu, Enbo Zhu, Jin Huang, Ao Zhang, Aamir Hassan Shah, Qingying Jia, Mingjie Xu, Ershuai Liu, Qiang Sun, Xiangfeng Duan, Yu Huang

Nano Letters (2023)

Periodic assembly of heterogeneous nanoparticles provides a strategy for integrating distinct nanocatalyst blocks where their synergic effects can be explored for diverse applications. To achieve the synergistic enhancement, an intimate clean interface is preferred which however is usually plagued by the bulky surfactant molecules used in the synthesis and assembly process. Herein, we showed the creation of one-dimensional Pt–Au nanowires (NWs) with periodic alternating Pt and Au nanoblocks, by assembling Pt–Au Janus nanoparticles with the assistance of peptide T7 (Ac-TLTTLTN-CONH2). It is demonstrated that the Pt–Au NWs showed much-improved performance in the methanol oxidation reaction (MOR), exhibiting 5.3 times higher specific activity and 2.5 times higher mass activity than the current state-of-the-art commercial Pt/C catalyst. In addition, the periodic heterostructure also improves the stability of Pt–Au NWs in the MOR, where the Pt–Au NWs retained 93.9% of their initial mass activity much higher than commercial Pt/C (30.6%).
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