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Hetero-integrated Nanostructures and Nanodevices


van der Waals Integrated Devices Based on Nanomembranes of 3D Materials

Yang Liu, Peiqi Wang, Yiliu Wang, Zhaoyang Lin, Haotian Liu, Jin Huang, Yu Huang, Xiangfeng Duan

Nano Lett. 20, 1410-1416 (2020)

van der Waals (vdW) integration offers a flexible strategy to nearly arbitrarily combine materials of radically different chemical compositions, crystal structures, or lattice orientations, enabling versatile heterostructures with unique electronic and photonic characteristics or other exotic properties that are difficult to access in traditional epitaxial heterostructures, as highlighted by a recent blossom in two-dimensional (2D) vdW heterostructures. However, the studies on vdW heterostructures currently have been largely limited to 2D materials, with few reports of vdW integration of traditional three-dimensional (3D) materials. Here, we show that the vdW integration approach could be extended to 3D materials for flexible integration of highly disparate materials. In particular, by assembling nanomembranes fabricated from bulk β-gallium oxide, silicon, and platinum, we demosntrate a variety of functional devices including Schottky diodes, p-n diodes, metal–semiconductor field-effect transistors, and junction field-effect transistors. These devices exhibit excellent electronic performance, in terms of ideality factor, current on/off ratio, and subthreshold swing, laying the foundations for constructing high-performance heterostructure devices.
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