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Vertical Charge Transport and Negative Transconductance in Multi-Layer Molybdenum Disulfides

Yuan Liu, Jian Guo, Qiyuan He, Hao Wu, Hung-Chieh Cheng, Mengning Ding, Imran Shakir, Vincent Gambin, Yu Huang, Xiangfeng Duan

Nano Lett. 17, 5495-5501 (2017)

Negative transconductance (NTC) devices have been heavily investigated for their potential in low power logical circuit, memory, oscillating, and high-speed switching applications. Previous NTC devices are largely attributed to two working mechanisms: quantum mechanical tunneling, and mobility degradation at high electrical field. Herein we report a systematic investigation of charge transport in multilayer two-dimensional semiconductors (2DSCs) with optimized van der Waals contact and for the first time demonstrate NTC and antibipolar characteristics in multilayer 2DSCs (such as MoS2, WSe2). By varying the measurement temperature, bias voltage, and body thickness, we found the NTC behavior can be attributed to a vertical potential barrier in the multilayer 2DSCs and the competing mechanisms between intralayer lateral transport and interlayer vertical transport, thus representing a new working mechanism for NTC operation. Importantly, this vertical potential barrier arises from inhomogeneous carrier distribution in 2DSC from the near-substrate region to the bulk region, which is in contrast to conventional semiconductors with homogeneous doping defined by bulk dopants. We further show that the unique NTC behavior can be explored for creating frequency doublers and phase shift keying circuits with only one transistor, greatly simplifying the circuit design compared to conventional technology.
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