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Solution Processable Holey Graphene Oxide and Its Derived Macrostructures for High-Performance Supercapacitors

Y. Xu, C.-Y. Chen, Z. Zhao, Z. Lin, C. Lee, X. Xu, C. Wang, Y. Huang, M. I. Shakir, and X. Duan

Nano Lett. 15, 4605–4610 (2015)

Scalable preparation of solution processable graphene and its bulk materials with high specific surface areas and designed porosities is essential for many practical applications. Herein, we report a scalable approach to produce aqueous dispersions of holey graphene oxide with abundant in-plane nanopores via a convenient mild defect-etching reaction and demonstrate that the holey graphene oxide can function as a versatile building block for the assembly of macrostructures including holey graphene hydrogels with a three-dimensional hierarchical porosity and holey graphene papers with a compact but porous layered structure. These holey graphene macrostructures exhibit significantly improved specific surface area and ion diffusion rate compared to the nonholey counterparts and can be directly used as binder-free supercapacitor electrodes with ultrahigh specific capacitances of 283 F/g and 234 F/cm3, excellent rate capabilities, and superior cycling stabilities. Our study defines a scalable pathway to solution processable holey graphene materials and will greatly impact the applications of graphene in diverse technological areas.
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