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Toward tunable band gap and tunable Dirac point in bilayer graphene with molecular doping

W. Yu, L. Liao, S. Chae, Y. Lee and X. Duan

Nano Lett. 11, 4759-4763 (2011)

The bilayer graphene has attracted considerable attention for potential applications in future electronics and optoelectronics because of the feasibility to tune its band gap with a vertical displacement field to break the inversion symmetry. Surface chemical doping in bilayer graphene can induce an additional offset voltage to fundamentally affect the vertical displacement field and the band gap opening in bilayer graphene. In this study, we investigate the effect of chemical molecular doping on band gap opening in bilayer graphene devices with single or dual gate modulation. Chemical doping with benzyl viologen molecules modulates the displacement field to allow the opening of a transport band gap and the increase of the on/off ratio in the bilayer graphene transistors. Additionally, Fermi energy level in the opened gap can be rationally controlled by the amount of molecular doping to obtain bilayer graphene transistors with tunable Dirac points, which can be readily configured into functional devices, such as complementary inverters.
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