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Enhanced conductance fluctuation by quantum confinement effect in graphene nanoribbons

G. Xu, C.M. Torres, E.B. Song, J. Tang, J. Bai, X. Duan, Y. Zhang, and K.L. Wang

Nano Lett. 10, 4590-4594 (2010)

Conductance fluctuation is usually unavoidable in graphene nanoribbons (GNR) due to the presence of disorder along its edges. By measuring the low-frequency noise in GNR devices, we find that the conductance fluctuation is strongly correlated with the density-of-states of GNR. In single-layer GNR, the gate-dependence of noise shows peaks whose positions quantitatively match the subband positions in the band structures of GNR. This correlation provides a robust mechanism to electrically probe the band structure of GNR, especially when the subband structures are smeared out in conductance measurement.
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