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Long-Range Hierarchical Nanocrystal Assembly Driven by Molecular Structural Transformation

Enbo Zhu, Shiyi Wang, Xucheng Yan, Masoud Sobani, Lingyan Ruan, Chen Wang, Yuan Liu, Xiangfeng Duan, Hendrik Heinz, Yu Huang

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 141, 1498–1505 (2019)

The hierarchical control in biogenic minerals, from precise nanomorphology control to subsequent macroscopic assembly, remains a formidable challenge in artificial synthesis. Studies in biomineralization, however, are largely limited to atomic andmolecular scale crystallization, devoting little attention to biomolecular higher-order structures (HOSs) which critically impact long-range assembly of biominerals. Here we demonstrate a biomimetic route and quantitative simulations that explore peptide HOSs on guiding nanocrystal formation and anisotropic assembly into hierarchical structures. It is found that the Pt{100}-specific peptide T7 (Ac-TLTTLTN-CONH2) adopts ST-turn secondary structure, promoting cubic Pt nanocrystal formation at low concentration, and spontaneously transforms into a β-sheet with increased concentration. The β-sheet T7-Pt{100} specificity drives cubic Pt nanocrystals to self-assemble into large-area, long-range, [100] linear assemblies. This study provides a robust demonstration for bio/nonbiogenic material specificity, nanoscale synthesis, and long-range self-organization with biomolecular HOSs and opens vast opportunities for multiscale programmable structures.
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