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Hetero-integrated Nanostructures and Nanodevices


Nanowire electronics: From nanoscale to macroscale

Chuancheng Jia, Zhaoyang Lin, Yu Huang, Xiangfeng Duan

Chem. Rev. 119, 9074-9135 (2019)

Semiconductor nanowires have attracted extensive interest as one of the best-defined classes of nanoscale building blocks for the bottom-up assembly of functional electronic and optoelectronic devices over the past two decades. The article provides a comprehensive review of the continuing efforts in exploring semiconductor nanowires for the assembly of functional nanoscale electronics and macroelectronics. Specifically, we start with a brief overview of the synthetic control of various semiconductor nanowires and nanowire heterostructures with precisely controlled physical dimension, chemical composition, heterostructure interface, and electronic properties to define the material foundation for nanowire electronics. We then summarize a series of assembly strategies developed for creating well-ordered nanowire arrays with controlled spatial position, orientation, and density, which are essential for constructing increasingly complex electronic devices and circuits from synthetic semiconductor nanowires. Next, we review the fundamental electronic properties and various single nanowire transistor concepts. Combining the designable electronic properties and controllable assembly approaches, we then discuss a series of nanoscale devices and integrated circuits assembled from nanowire building blocks, as well as a unique design of solution-processable nanowire thin-film transistors for high-performance large-area flexible electronics. Last, we conclude with a brief perspective on the standing challenges and future opportunities.
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