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Self-Regulation Synthesis of Nanocrystalline ZnGa2O4 by Hydrothermal Reaction

Y. Li, X. Duan, H. Liao, Y. Qian

Chem. Mater. 10, 17-18 (1998)

ZnGa2O4 as a good low-voltage phosphor material used in a new kind of vacuum flat cathode ray tube of the field emission display has attracted a wide range of interest. Various powders and films of ZnGa2O4 with low-voltage cathode luminescence have been explored. However, the reported preparation methods of ZnGa2O4 powder were traditional solid-state reaction methods. As we know, different material preparation methods have important effects on material microstructure and physical properties. Recently, there is a strong trend toward the application of solution chemical synthesis techniques for materials preparation. Hydrothermal method is one of the most promising solution chemical methods. The particles size and their distribution, phase homogeneity, and morphology could be well controlled. We have successfully synthesized the InAs nanocrystalline by this chemical method.
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