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Composition tunable ternary Pt–Ni–Co octahedra for optimized oxygen reduction activity

Zipeng Zhao, Miao Feng, Jihan Zhou, Zeyan Liu, Mufan Li, Zheng Fan, Oshton Tsen, Jianwei Miao, Xiangfeng Duan, Yu Huang

Chem. Commun. 52, 11215-11218 (2016)

Herein, we report a one-step synthesis method for octahedral Pt–Ni–Co ternary catalysts with tunable compositions and fixed shapes. Impressively, the composition optimized octahedral PtNi0.55Co0.1/C demonstrated a significant improvement in ORR activity compared to those of previously reported Pt–Ni–Co alloy octahedra, showing an outstanding specific activity of 5.05 mA cm−2 and a mass activity of 2.80 mA μgPt−1, which are around 20.2 times and 14.7 times higher than those of the commercial Pt/C catalyst (0.25 mA cm−2 and 0.19 mA μgPt−1).
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