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Photodetectors: Solvent‐Based Soft‐Patterning of Graphene Lateral Heterostructures for Broadband High‐Speed Metal–Semiconductor–Metal Photodetectors

Yang Xu, Ayaz Ali, Khurram Shehzad, Nan Meng, Mingsheng Xu, Yuhan Zhang, Xinran Wang, Chuanhong Jin, Hongtao Wang, Yuzheng Guo, Zongyin Yang, Bin Yu, Yuan Liu, Qiyuan He, Xiangfeng Duan, Xiaomu Wang, Ping‐Heng Tan, Weida Hu, Hai Lu, Tawfique Hasan

Adv. Mater. Technol. 2, 1600241 (2017)

Solvents play a key part in synthesis, transfer, and device fabrication of two-dimensional (2D) materials. In article number 1600241, Yang Xu, Tawfique Hasan, and co-workers demonstrate solvent assisted soft-patterning of graphene heterostructures for high-performance photo detection. The solvent patterned graphene/Si Schottky photo detectors work in a broadband range with high speed, outperforming most of the previously reported devices.
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