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Bubble-Mediated Large-Scale Hierarchical Assembly of Ultrathin Pt Nanowire Network Monolayer at Gas/Liquid Interfaces

Enbo Zhu, Yang Liu, Jin Huang, Ao Zhang, Bosi Peng, Zeyan Liu, Haotian Liu, Jiaji Yu, Yan-Ruide Li, Lili Yang, Xiangfeng Duan, Yu Huang

ACS nano (2023)

Extensive macroscale two-dimensional (2-D) platinum (Pt) nanowire network (NWN) sheets are created through a hierarchical self-assembly process with the aid of biomolecular ligands. The Pt NWN sheet is assembled from the attachment growth of 1.9 nm-sized 0-D nanocrystals into 1-D nanowires featuring a high density of grain boundaries, which then interconnect to form monolayer network structures extending into centimeter-scale size. Further investigation into the formation mechanism reveals that the initial emergence of NWN sheets occurs at the gas/liquid interfaces of the bubbles produced by sodium borohydride (NaBH4) during the synthesis process. Upon the rupture of these bubbles, an exocytosis-like process releases the Pt NWN sheets at the gas/liquid surface, which subsequently merge into a continuous monolayer Pt NWN sheet. The Pt NWN sheets exhibit outstanding oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) activities, with specific and mass activities 12.0 times and 21.2 times greater, respectively, than those of current state-of-the-art commercial Pt/C electrocatalysts.
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